I’m an old soul adventurer living in the mountains of Los Angeles, with big dreams and an even bigger strive to help.

Growing up I had always had an interest in photography, but it was only until I hit my 20s, did I have the guts to really turn it into my “dream job.”

Fast forward years later and I’ve turned that passion into a growing dream come true. I absolutely love sharing those creative moments with another person, helping them lay down their barriers and show the world who they really are - themselves, bright shining beings.

What really helped my photography career over the years has been my growing knowledge of modeling. I’ve shot with top celebrity photographers & worked on amazing projects, and if I boiled those experiences down to one simple phrase, it would be: vision and teamwork. Those two things combined make magic happen and I love being able to create that art on a daily basis.

here’s a few more fun facts about me!

✔️I am Polish/French born in California

✔️I make others smile as much as possible

✔️I’ve watched Ace Ventura over 200 times

✔️ My husband is my favorite everything

✔️My dogs are my furry best friends

✔️I’m obsessed with fruit (poms are life)

✔️We have a pig named Vinny The Pope

✔️I’m basically a book worm

✔️One day I will have 8 kids

✔️ I would rather be in leggings

✔️Volleyball is my go-to playtime

✔️I speak in dog memes

✔️I’m constantly rearranging my house